Little Rock artist Michelle Gunter Moore is the co-owner of a small research based, bio-statistical  consulting 

group and has been creating art since 1998.  She has been with the Art Group Gallery since 2013.   Her art studio is located at 221 2nd Street, in the Pyramid Place Building in Little Rock.  Michelle experiments with clay, canvas, and paper, allowing the visual dynamics surrounding her world to bias her media of choice along with shape, color, and texture to capture an abstracted expressionist figure or portraiture. Her work is often seen as contemplative, studious, and pensive.  Michelle will quietly observe the people in her world, imagine their story, their relationship to those they are with, what their conversations must be about, and why they are here, where are they going, and what emotions are involved, etc.   Using their body language, she will develop a narrative and a personal relationship to those she observes, but may never meet.  

She is obsessed with vintage photographs of people, from a time preceding her own.  These photos engage her in the same way as observing people from afar.  It is the candid photo from an amateur photographer that begs her to tell it’s story.   She will spend hours pulling out the most compelling photographs from of an ever increasing pile of collected and inherited photos, using them as inspiration to put paint on a canvas, or ink on a printing plate, or graphite onto paper, or glaze onto pottery.  She does not try to render the photo, the face, or the figure exactly, but only wants to capture the emotions perceived from the photo.  She rarely will pay attention to the background or even the gender of the figures and let the body language, the stance, the color, and texture convey the meaning of the work to the viewer.


“This is what I try to capture in my work, the emotion, the capacity of perception, that moment in time that sits quietly in the back of our memories longing to emerge.”  – Michelle Gunter Moore

Michelle Gunter Moore ART